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Our Services

Kitchen Units – You may wish to make small changes to the layout of your kitchen, such as adding a new unit, or moving the placement of a large appliance. This is still possible when we renovate a kitchen. You only need to go down the entirely new kitchen route if you wish to completely change the layout of your kitchen.

Ceilings – We offer ceiling in a variety of designs, colors and installation types, Rofika Quality Kitchens is able to transform your fifth wall into something extraordinary.Different color and pattern combinations can provide a very modern aesthetic and are finding a place in some very interesting commercial spaces. Help to decorate and remodeling an existing residence or updating one or more interior rooms.

Plumbing – We specializes in plumbing repairs and remodeling services, and is competent in both commercial and residential arenas. Out of a commitment to save you time and money, a significant inventory of parts and equipment is kept on company trucks with more in the company warehouse. We will consider it a privilege to be considered your plumber and looks forward to gaining your confidence.

Paintings – We offer affordable painting solutions, tailored to your requirements, no matter what the size or nature of the project. Our team has the expertise and resources to handle every aspect of the job, from design through to follow-up, leaving you to focus on the real issues that matter to your facility.